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Premium Services for Your Precious Memories

Most of us were not perfect videographers, and for every great memory captured, there are also scenes that are not especially memorable. MyVideoMemories will work with you to slim down your digital video archive so that the best videos are easy to view and share.

Custom Video Editing

All of the work is done by our expert video team. They have each worked on thousands of hours of digital video and bring that experience to bear on every video editing project. We can either look through, clip out the best footage for you and combine it into a highlight reel, or follow your instructions to the letter and give you exactly the footage in exactly the way that you want.

Keepsake Video & Photo Montages

After we have Digitized your Home Movies & Photos we can create a customized keepsake for you to save and share of your special Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Retirement, Milestone event, Vacation, Memorial, etc.  For more details click here:

Other Production Services
  • Sport Teams Highlights Videos

  • College Recruiting Scholarship Videos

  • Sports Videography

  • Event Custom Videos (Birthdays, Graduation, Memorials, Weddings)

  • Drone Videography

  • Green Screen Videography

  • Web Videos

  • Corporate Promo Videos

Examples of Our Custom Videos

Graduation Video - Sample

Photo Montage - Memorial

Sports Team Recruiting Video

Student Athlete's Recruiting Scholarship Video

Student Athlete's Recruiting Scholarship Video

Sport Videography: using High Tower Video Camera

Sports Videography & Highlights

Event Video: Grade School Graduation

Production Services
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