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Transfer Slides and negatives to digital format

 Transfer Slides to Digital 

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Transfer your Memories to the latest Digital Formats Today
Slide Transfer
transfer 35mm Kodachrome Super 35mm slides to digital format
Transfer 35mm 110 film to digital format
Negative Transfer
Preserve Your Precious Memories

Our slide scanning service enables you to hold onto old memories from your treasured moments. We take old slides and convert them into formats that are easy to preserve. Our slide scanning process also restores your slides to their original glory. Each slide is color corrected, cropped and rotated for correct viewing.

High Resolution Scanning

We scan all formats of slides at high resolution for archival quality digital images and increased flexibility for enlarging, editing, and printing. You may provide the slides in original carousels or packaging and we will orient them correctly for viewing and the slides are returned to the original containers.

Quality is Our Focus

We take pride in producing the best possible image quality from slides.  This involves manually editing and reviewing each image to adjust for color, exposure, and cleanliness as needed.  All images are reviewed 3 times through our digitizing process for proper quality assurance.

Handled with Care

We gently handle your slides and wear film handling gloves so we don’t leave any fingerprints behind and wipe film clean of dust and debris before scanning. We pay close attention to scan the proper emulsion side of slides for accurate image orientation.


The time when photo negatives were a perfect way of holding on to photography is long gone. MyVideoMemories negative scanning service enables you to digitize negatives in an excellent manner. In addition to preserving your photography, our negative to digital service returns the original brilliance of your photos. This is because our digitization process stores negatives in high-resolution bringing back color-corrected, bright, digital images.

What You Get

All transfers include a USB Flash Drive and a Digital Copy
GoogleCloud Online Access
Digital copy stored on your Private YouTube channel or GoogleCloud

Your transfer features a Digital Copy of your order items, accessible in a GoogleCloud account for 60 days. From your account you can:

  • View and download your Digital Copy to your computer, smartphone, or tablet

  • Add your transferred videos and images to Google Photos

Personalized DVD
Personalized DVD & case available

Each DVD stores approximately 500 images, depending on image quality.  Our DVD offers automatic smart chapters with a title, theme & full-color packaging (printed photo/title on the DVD disk & case) and the option to personalize the DVD with highlight videos and background music.

Add a Personalized DVD for only $4.99

USB Thumb Drive
files saved to free USB flash drive

Your digitized memories will be viewable on devices with a USB port, and files will be easy to store, duplicate, and back up.

USB Drive is included - no extra charge

Optional Keepsake Video & Photo Montage
customized highlights photo/video montage option

We can also create a highlight "Keepsake" video of your memories - your favorite scenes & photos set to your favorite music.

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