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 Transfer Tapes to Digital 

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Transfer your Memories to the latest Digital Formats Today
Accepted Formats
Smart Chapter Markers & Full Color Packaging

At MyVideoMemories we transfer old VHS / VHS-C / SVHS / hi-8 / digital8 / MiniDV tapes to DVD, with chapter markers, thumbnail photo menus & full-color packaging (printed photo/title on the DVD disk & case).  Most companies don’t offer this service; they simply offer a basic transfer.  We also offer optional edited versions - custom highlights of your favorite scenes set to music.

Preserve your Family Home Video Tapes

That old footage of family Christmases, your wedding video, even your kids' precious baby tapes could be unwatchable soon. That's because analog video or Video Home System (VHS) tapes are deteriorating—a problem known as the Magnetic Media Crisis.  The magnetic layer responsible for recording and storing sound and images is losing its magnetic properties—resulting in the rapid degradation of your VHS tapes.

Don’t compromise your memories by waiting too long. At MyVideoMemories we set ourselves apart with our professional playback equipment, quality color optimization and digitizers which keep your audio and digital in perfect synch. We provide all this along with expert monitoring throughout the entire process, enabling us to get the most out of your media – all this at a reasonable cost!  Don’t let the march of time separate you from your memories.

Custom Video Tributes

We can produce a personal and touching custom Keepsake Video with the videos & photos you provide.  A quality heartwarming music video celebrating family, friends, and accomplishments. We have produced many highlight videos for special events and celebrations including birthdays, graduations, sports teams, anniversaries, retirements and weddings.  Present this as a gift at the anniversary party, family dinner, retirement bash, special birthday party, or rehearsal dinner.

What You Get

All transfers include a USB Flash Drive and a Digital Copy
GoogleCloud Online Access
Digital copy stored on your Private YouTube channel or GoogleCloud

Your transfer features a Digital Copy of your order items, accessible in a GoogleCloud account for 60 days. From your account you can:

  • View and download your Digital Copy to your computer, smartphone, or tablet

  • Add your transferred videos and images to Google Photos

USB Thumb Drive
files saved to free USB flash drive

Your digitized memories will be viewable on devices with a USB port, and files will be easy to store, duplicate, and back up.

USB Drive is included - no extra charge

Personalized DVD
Personalized DVD & case available

Add a Personalized DVD for only $4.99

Our DVD offers automatic smart chapter markers, thumbnail photo menus & full-color packaging (printed photo/title on the DVD disk & case)

Optional Keepsake Video & Photo Montage
customized highlights photo/video montage option

We can also create a highlight "Keepsake" video of your memories - your favorite scenes & photos set to your favorite music.

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